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How to Find Out If Someone Is in Jail

Finding out that a relative or a friend of yours was put behind the bars is already disheartening. What's more, you'll trouble yourself searching for the county jail he was placed. For goodness sake, in just on estate, how many jails could there be? Is there any way on how to find out if someone is in jail?

Can you still recall the last state or city he went into? That good memory of yours will lessen your difficulty in finding the exact county jail where your relative or friend is locked up. It is most likely in the last place they have been to that they have gotten themselves into trouble. In that way, you search is already narrowed down.

Once you have already located the exact county jail your beloved ones are imprisoned, call the county jail as soon as possible. Don't be worried about your call not getting answered. County jails are like call centers; there are several call operators to entertain your call.

Once your call is answered, get straight to your purpose. I hope you're not that stupid to think that they'll entertain prank calls. They do not. These are very busy institutions and they still have to attend to several other important concerns. Ask them to search for the inmate you're looking for by giving them the full name. There are instances that there are inmates who coincidentally have the same first and last name, for example, Flapp Jack. If this happens, give some more information that can differentiate those inmates from each other such as the birth date or physical qualities.

What if the inmate I'm looking for is still cannot be found? If that happens, ask the operator to hand the phone to the original arresting officer. Arresting officers are most likely the people who can tell you right then and there where the inmate you're looking for was transferred or transported.

But doing this is very manual and could take much of your time. There could be times that just doing the call would take thirty minutes or an hour before it is answered. Going online would make life easier for you.

Is there a technique on how to find out if someone is in jail via the Internet? Well, of course! When someone is arrested and has taken his photos, finger prints, and other personal information, his booking is uploaded in the Internet. In the US, they have this system call VINE or Victim Information and Notification Everyday, where they upload these bookings for the public to freely search. In VINE, you also need to know the state where your friends or relatives were imprisoned.

If VINE does not work for you, try to use other search engines such as Google or Yahoo. If you can still recall the state where your beloveds were arrested; for example, Los Angeles, just type in the search box, "Los Angeles Sheriff's Office". The Sheriff's office is supposed to have the link to the county jail. And that is how to find out if someone is in jail.

Tired of not finding the jail records you need? There's only a couple public records databases that actually work, the rest are SCAMS! Go to jail records to find out if someone is in jail!

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